Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Percy sinks

... O' my goodness I hope I do not regret that jolly jape....

I am playing with words, to introduce you to Percy's sinks

Rachel has tried very hard to keep the kitchen changes in keeping with Percy's age. We tried to get old sinks re-enamelled, we even brought a sink to be plastic coated to look like enamel. Our last resort a few weekends ago was a reclaimers year up Alfreton way. We had visited three already and were eventually guided to Fletchers yard at Somercotes. There were three, these two were the best, £50 I like old stuff, mainly because that is what I am fast approaching ! Plus is it recycling. I have no idea where they came from, they are quite small and shallow ideal for Percy's small kitchen.

We took a punt on these two ceramic sinks they were dirtier than this, they have been left in our garden to have a little wash or ten. They are set out in our house ready for a good scrub.... hopefully next time you see them they will be on Percy set in a new worktop .... watch this space.

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