Monday, 5 May 2014

Now we all like to get a Kingfisher shot when in America why not the Humming bird shot.

These little beauties arrive when the snow goes and the sun comes, They come up from Texas (where we came from) or Mexico. 

We can sit in our friends front sofa and watch them come and go to the sweet water feeder. They seem to use it as a pit stop.

Truly a wondrous sight. Info here 

The data on my camera says these shots were 1/125 they can flap their wings at up to 200 flaps per second - hence the blur.

As in all my images you can click them for a bigger picture. 

This chap also likes the bird feeder.... only he sits under it collecting what the birds flick down to him

Oh, and the canal fix was the Delaware canal we walked a little of the towpath today. It is not is use and seemingly floods when the mighty Delaware river comes over into it.

Maybe like us the Teenage mutant ninja turtles craze has had its orphans ? I did see a turtle on the Trent and Mersey once just near Streethay, thankfully not as big as these.

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Jacquie said...

Ah how sweet the pictures of the turtles, and fancy getting a bit of a canal fix there. Maybe you can get the Gongoozling expression movement going on there. Enjoy the rest of your holidays guys. Jacq