Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A room with a view

It was 6c outside last night and 11c on the boat (Thanks to my 5 quid Maplins indoor/outdoor temp gauge) I slept well, window wide open listening to the sounds of the night as I very quickly hit dream land !

This morning at 6am the mist was sitting comfortably across the canal and surrounding farmland, it was a beautiful morning walk down to Common lock. Anyhow, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.... more like three thousand of my limited words !! Remember to see the pics at their best click on them.....


  1. Beautiful views Nev..... you are making us all jealous.....

    Living the dream.

    Hope your fuel supplies are topped up as the autumn arrives and the temps start to drop.... condensation could become and issue if you don't ventilate the boat properly... I am sure you will be totally on top of it!

  2. Les, it's a good life.... if you fancy a stop over anytime let me know, Midlands or South. If you and Mary want a break in the south just let us know. I have a coal and wood store.... and am investigating adding a small diesel heater to my existing system... but I may just run with the wood burners. the boat is well ventilated - it has to be for the LPG cooker so that cuts back on the condensation, plus as and when I have it painted I am looking for double glazed windows.

  3. So the early morning starts have some compensation.

  4. Those photos are beautiful,very ethereal! Love Pamxxx

  5. John, yes indeed but the mornings are getting darker so the compensation is lessening bit it is still very nice. Pam it surely is very peaceful.