Wednesday, 31 December 2014

12 months later .....

We have just had a  nice last 2014 meal in which we reflected on the last year and pondered our 2015. We were not sure where we were this time last year... checking back on the blog we were actually on board for the New Year in 2013, without any forethought or inkling what 2014 would deliver.

It is ironic that in 2014 I posted on 48 (including this one) occasions - less than one a week and I lived aboard for 6 months of the year - I think that says something, not sure what ? Last year it was 94 posts....

So for my record we were in a cottage in the South Downs for the New Year 2014.... lets hope we are all fit and well to blog about where we are New Year 2015.

One thing that has been missing in 2014 is motorbike miles,  (certainly compared to 2013) last time I rode the Pan was in July  - ironically a week or so before we moved out of the house. It would have been so much better if we had got a place with a garage down south but the place we have costs enough so that might be on the wish list for 2015.

Anyhow, tomorrow Rachel is at work so I will do my annual review of the year, always a good time to fully reflect and plan for the New Year. As she is on an early we will be asleep when the New Year arrives so I will end with a wish for one thing to you all, good health as without that the rest is much less important.



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    1. Cheers Andy, the same to you and yours .... lets hope we meet up in 2015

  2. A very reflective post.Good health is indeed vital,so take care and rest as much as you can.Lots of love Big Sisxxxx

    1. ... and the same to you Bill and the girls, take care,

      Nev & Rachel