Friday, 31 July 2015

The bike.... remember the bike ?

We did not make Colditz sadly, ill health (not mine) and ill health of family saw fit to kill that trip.

Time was spent as detailed in other blogs in getting Percy ready for the pain cruise and paint job.

So my bike was calling one Wednesday evening  in July after getting back from down south. Just a short post to remind myself I did ride a little in 2015.....

It was all around the beautiful Derbyshire/Staffordshire moorlands....

Yes the road did indeed get narrower....

Wetton Mill to Hulme End.... normally done on a cycle and sometime a large group come through on motorbikes.... my good friend SteveA brought us through here a couple of years ago on a 'sweep the roads clean' ride. 

The A53 between Leek and Buxton. It gets higher here than on the A66 across the Pennines according to my sat nav that has a creen that giveds height above sea level.... over 500 meters . At my back is the Cat and Fiddle road that goes off to Macclesfield, a real danger road for all users. 

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