Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dave Moore comes a calling.... and then there is Joe

The canal community is small with a few characters. Our boat was built and engineered by one of them  - Tony Redshaw so when it came to getting it painted why would we not use some of the other names in the community.

Dave Moore spends a lot of his time at Norton Canes as their resident sign writer but does work all over. He was our first choice for sign writing  when we decided to have Percy painted at Dadsford Wharf on the Stourport canal.

Dadsford wharf was also the yard Phil Speight  - the guy who writes for canal boat on painting matters was based at for many years before he headed to the west coast of Scotland for some semi retirement I believe.

His long term apprentice  John Sanderson - I hope that is not a insult, now is a master painter in his own right, and a very approachable and nice fella as well.

Finally for the fenders.... our old ones were looking very tired and did not deserve to be back on the newly painted boat so Dave Moore gave me Joe Hollinshead's phone number. Those with an interest in TV canal stuff will know Joe from Waterworld, being one of the ex boatmen on the series. I recall he was actually born on a boat at Fradley Junction  - or did I dream that?

Anyhow you don't want to read all about my name dropping, even if it is to show I like to keep those who have given so much to the canals some of my easy earnt money for their skills.

The boat is getting close now.... I still have a shed load of brass to clean, curtains to iron (all washed ages ago) long and boat hook shaft to buy as well as a gangplank.....We are hoping to be cleaning her up next week and bringing her back over the next two weeks, I am getting withdrawal  - walking the Chichester canal just is not the same however pleasant.

John advises he has now applied 2 primer coats, 2 undercoats and 4 top coats, easy maths that, 8 coats of paint plus more in some areas to get the right coach lines etc. The final colours will be a mixture of Red, black and a very very dark green that is close to black..... we went to see a boat like it on the Stourport canal and it got our approval. Lots of other bits and pieces to compliment the final colours. But for now the close to finished images....

Can't wait ..........

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KevinTOO said...

Look at that SHINE!! :)
Nice colours Nev, can't wait to see the final result.