Sunday, 24 January 2016

Pigs pebbles and apps

Events conspire to keep me from Percy at the moment. Airport drop offs next week will see some visits. No least to check the boats auto stern gland is still autoing  ! Then we may well be going to the pictures on her again !

Two nice walks around the very heavy rain this weekend. One done a few times before that sees us walk to Funtingdon down Watery lane and it was very watery then back over the muddy fields past the free range pigs routing through the mud for roots etc. It does not seem that long ago we were worrying about them getting sunburn !

We (Leia and me) just made it across the last field footpath as the sun dipped below the distant hills....

Today was a seashore walk.... we are still gradually working our way east to west and today I plotted a 5 mile walk starting and finishing in Prinstead, a real chocolate box hamlet just by the sea. It did take us through a little marina to keep my interest in lumpy water boats up.....(Colvic Watson and Fisher motorsailers) We once again went via some footpath fields and they were well waterlogged, my aging 3 peaks boots are still providing sterling service.

Finished the day off with proper stodgy food - Cauliflower cheese baked spuds with bread and butter pudding to finish (me) off.

.... and apps, I have blogged about Memory Map before, I use it a lot and will do so when we move more on the boat. It provides excellent walking guidance enabling me to have all the uk's Ordinance survey maps on one device.... plot the route on the Ipad then send it to my phone a great way to plan and undertake walks where ever you are.

O and if you fancy relocating to Prinsted.... here is what you get for your hard earned .... sit down first...

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