Saturday, 16 April 2016

Hard slog....stove and CART complain updates

Missing the boat at the moment. Not helped by reading all of your blogging adventures. A combination of extreme studying and lots of work on the house to get it ready for someone else.... means at the moment there is little Percy Action.

I will be there next week as the grass will need a cut and this weekend sees me back on Watery Lane  - literally. Boy did it rain on Friday.

A real contrast to last Sunday morning when I did get out on the Pan for a coffee and a wander around all sorts of P&J's at the bike shop in Chesterfield.

I have drawn a blank on my stove search.... I have an option, someone in the railway 'scene' who may know someone .... And the CART complaint is still ongoing... I'll update on that in a separate email as once again it is getting tedious.

Keep the blogs coming I need my canal fix for the next few weeks  !  


Jaqueline Biggs said...

We are hoping our bows might cross this summer. It has been way too long since we've seen you and it would be grand to meet Rachel in person. Take carea nd hopefully you will back on the cut soon. xxx

Nev Wells said...

Hi both,

I hope so to.... last time it was on the Coventry I recall. I am following your progress and hopefully we will meet up Fradley way sometime soon?