Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Only those who have been there will know the pain....

....that is the pain and effort of downsizing and/or disposing of your house of many years/memories. The physical pain (try fully tiling a large bathroom) is as bad as the mental pain of moving on from a place of safety and security and of a family growing up and making their way in the world. I spend a lot of time there alone and I swear I can hear the echoes of long ago laughter, the tears of arguments and the steady breathing of a family growing up and growing old.

All very sentimental but that is what I am.

How people downsize to a boat I do not know, it is not part of our plan thankfully but I have the utmost respect for those that can walk away and dispose of so much - and I am the thrower away'er of the relationship - a dangerous person to be left in charge !

Lets see where we get to over the coming months but it is fair to say we are close to the end of the hard work and if I am looking for the positives if we do sell there is so much less to do to move and if we do not sell then we have a beautiful house to enjoy for the future - win win.

Now the boat, good old Percy sitting bobbing patiently waiting for its turn. What do we have in store....

Well in no great order...

  • Blacking - July booked in at Phoenix Marine after hearing positive things about them
  • Fridge electrics - wire sources and ready to install
  • Kitchen tiles  - Bloody tiling again but this time less than a M2  - happy days 
  • Kitchen and bathroom flooring - I have the Karndean and hopefully it should do both 
  • Back stove - one for the winter months as we only use it cruising and when we have guests. In the winter the back cabin is the fridge which worked very well when I lived aboard 
  • Main stove - do nothing or replace with Refleks, will depend on selling the house I guess as if we do not sell then I will not overwinter on the boat so I would not need to review the stove
  • Mooring - I am still not happy with the work I have to do on it - it is a beautiful place and I am inclined to stay, especially if I live aboard but I still may visit a few to scope out the costs and benefits/drawbacks of marina berthing. As stated my inclination is to stay and be 'hardy' !!
  • Front forecabin - needs some proper tidying and rationalization  - especially if I have a Refleks as I will need to add in a separate tank.
  • Washing machine - we have a little twin tub that may well fit in 'that corner' of the cupboard pots live in that never get seen. It would need some work behind the chairs  - maybe a job for Adele who did the kitchen refit.
  • Chairs/seatee - options appraisal here, we have a nice little sofa in the cottage down south that would fit... might look to try that one weekend before we opt for captain chairs (my preference) or a bed seatee (Rachel's preference)
  • Bathroom - no real plans here but I would like to modernise it especially if and when we spend extended time aboard. Having recently completely refitted a large bathroom at home this would be 'easy' - yep I really did just type that !
Thats about it for a little list.... my sister in law Sharon txt'd me last night and said how much I would be looking forward to a rest now we had done the house.... little chance !

Off to plane three bedroom doors now post carpet fitting then make up beds into bedrooms  - that should see me busy tonight !

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