Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My batteries and the Smartbank error code E11

Working through a little electrical challenge at the moment aboard Percy. I have been returning to the boat and the Smartgauge has been flashing E11 up on its display.

The Percy battery install - there is a third leisure battery remote for the other two.....

I did spend some time drawing put the cable runs so will try and put it into a proper drawing for me (you) to understand.

From the manual ....

E 11 SmartBank has attempted to operate the split charge relay but SmartGauge is measuring different voltages on the 2 batteries. This would indicate either a faulty relay or faulty relay wiring. In either case, split charging is probably not taking place.

E11 can be disabled is to prevent nuisance error reports in poor installations where the cabling between the 2 battery banks is insufficiently sized.

Two issues... the error and on reflection the way I have the leisure batteries connected.

The former (E11) could be being generated as I have a remote 3rd leisure battery, connected to the other two via the same thickness of cable - but longer at just a metre.... I am wondering if this extra connection is not allowing the reliable combined voltage for the three leisure batteries. I guess the simple check it to take this third battery out of the set and see if it removes the E11 error, on reflection I think it was about the time I added this battery that I got this error.

I spend a good time on Saturday (while it was raining) reminding myself on how the install is all wired together as I may need to disassemble the wiring to check the relay. The problem with sorting 12v out is you are dealing with live feeds and have to be sure you do not short out the leads while moving them and there is a lot of metal close by !!

Looking at the wiring I think I can improve on it..... subtle but it may help and I can check the relay out at the same time.

More thinking time required  - but as the fishing is now getting less in the evenings I should redirect my efforts to have the best charging and electrical storage possible for the winter.


Halfie said...

Nev, an ideal battery bank has the same length of cables and the same number of connectors to each battery. Hard to explain in words, that's why "Gibbo" of Smartgauge has done some exceptionally good diagrams on his website. I have wired my four leisure batteries according to his scheme. The point is that the batteries need to be "balanced", i.e. each receiving the same amount of charge and discharge as the others. If I were more proficient on this telephone I would supply a link...

Nev Wells said...

Hi Halfie,thanks for the comment. I knew I had read somewhere the 'perfect' way to wire up the leisure side of the bank for optimal performance - I think my set up is a way off ! I'll do a bit more googling while I am on my home broadband to see if I can find the info. Hope all is well and the summer cruise is living up to the expectations.

Nev Wells said...

http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html How far from perfect is my install!!!!

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