Sunday, 23 October 2016

Smartgauge and greasomatic

I chased up my return to Merlin on Friday after not hearing anything from them since sending the Smartbank unit back. friendly as ever but the I was frustrated to be advised they needed the Smartgauge unit and the relay to fully test the system..... I was not told I need to send those unit back so another delay. Not a great issue but I'd like it sorted before I get the BSC done.

It gave me a reason to visit the boat as I wanted to give the grass one more cut so it was low for the winter, I then removed the required parts and packed away my 'summer furniture into the fore cabin so it will be well looked after over winter.

The way around frustrations in general I find is a good walk. Last weekend we did such by walking from Froghall basin up the valley sides (to look at a cottage for sale) then back down to the Black Lion at Consall for refreshments. I was just crossing the rail lines of the Cheddleston railway and commented how nice it would be to stand and watch the trains go by..... when one did such just for me  !

I do like this walking it is perfect nature mixed with historical industrialisation, just the right recipe for me. It did help we had perfect walking weather and most of the valley to ourselves - certainly on the walk back to the car.

Lots of stuff going on, some heartbreaking and some, well we'll see. 

We visited our eldest son and daughter in law this evening and had a nice walk over towards Shipley park , it was a good end to a busy weekend. We talked about our favourite season and Autumn seemed to win out for all of us. Certainly on the mooring on Saturday it was very quiet and relaxed as the inhabitants and the place had focus n the winter months to come. 
Finally for the record should I search for it again I replaced the greasomatic and set it for 12 months.


Carol said...

Hi Nev, I pointed out to hubby George your last sentence and asked what a greasomatic was, he didn't know and I couldn't find your post which referred to it. I've looked greasomatic up on the internet and found it, George says it looks interesting but not sure how it would fit. We currently have the usual stern gland. Please can you point us in the right direction to read how and why you are using this? many thanks.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Carol. I buy my greasomatics from this company.
They are not cheap but fit and forget - ish as it makes sense to ensure thy are managing the dripping. The benefit is they are giving the grease when needed, stationary and cruising so you are not forcing grease in when not needed or not giving grease when needed - if that makes sense. They just screw into the fitting where I guess the tube would go for the greaser so i guess you could buy one and try it and if you did not get along with it just replace the tube for the greaser. it also saved the mucky job of filling up the greaser - something i did not enjoy. Let me know if you give it a go. I blogged about them here...

Quaysider said...

I like the sound of that - so much so, I've sent an enquiry.