Thursday, 9 February 2017

Electric shock and the poo fairy

Ok, don't worry it was not me who had the shock but I am the poo fairy.

Poor Leia was playing with a bottle she had found and backed onto the electric fence that has been installed on part of one of our favourite walks. Not just any electric shock but one up her backside make her yelp quite loud - she backed onto it and shot forward much quicker !

I clocked someone had left their collected dog turds by the gate to get to the path.... two lots so a regular walker. I did my good deed for the day and became the poo fairy and removed it for them. I only hope they do not really start to believe in the poo fairy as they will never put their dog mess in a bin ever again !


Quaysider said...

IT's a continual problem - folk leaving bags of poo around... the other day I came back to the boat and noticed one in the tree right outside our hatch ... the cheeky feckers.

You are good disposing it for them - I'd prefer the "tazer" approach!

Nev Wells said...

Trust me if I could taser them..... there is a tree of them near where we water the boat, the gap in the hedge is just too much of a temptation for them.

I will do a collection but I need a set of picker-uppers as the problem with being a poo fairy is buster bags ! I once did the hedge from Woodend to Shadehouse and had two carrier bags full, people thought my dog had a real problem !!