Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Sadly another blogger has to depart

Just as my time comes to get more canal miles another friendly boat blogger has to depart. Due to family support reasons the Aussie crew off NB Ferndale have put the boat up for sale and are returning to down under  - link here 

It follows on from some other very sad news from Chas of NB Moore 2 life here, truly heart breaking news of a terminal illness forcing them off the cut immediately. So sad and I hold them in my thoughts.

So, again it is life telling us  - reminding us it is limited and so precious, no time to delay if you can seek your goals, ambitions, aspirations then do it before fate catches up with you.

I have been remiss in not updating this blog, Facebook does not help as small thoughts and events get recorded instantly, but the photos used do give me a great prompt to update this blog. After all as I have said before this will be my diary of what I did for me when I am a dribbling mess  and hopefully inspire my sons and grandson to not wait too long to realise those dreams  - however small or personal they need to be realised.

So where was I ..... handing in my notice and walking my valley and being on my narrowboat. Yes the narrowboat, the reason most read this blog I guess.

So in a boaty theme we were out walking the south coast, Chichester harbour in the main earlier in May. Dreaming of learning to sail and buying a boat and doing the uk coastline bit by bit....

Vlogging seems to be the next must do thing, but you have either have to have a BBC voice or good looks and nice tits like the couple who started blogging on their yacht and got so popular they were give  a million pound catamaran to cruise the world on!! All the detail here . Anyhow we just dreamed of owning this little boat !

Then I was off to France/ Belgium/ Germany with 8 other bikes to do a fantastic battle fields tour with a good friend who is a guild of battlefields tour guide.

Educational, emotional everyone needs to experience the sad, reflective  peacefulness of an American war cemetery. Pictures do better than my poor words.

We stopped off at the V1 V2 launch site on the way back 

A great group of blokes

The tour was focussed on the battle of the bulge in the December months of 1944, allied success was based on the bravery of small groups of soldiers fighting delaying skirmishes against quite a large German army. 

This was the American cemetery 

Bastogne was the location of fierce resistance and was never captured even though it was in effect surrounded. This was the HQ in a Belgium barracks 

Last decent picture of my Honda Pan European ST1300. I hit another bike on the return trip. There is a story to it, those who know me know how it happened. Bottom line was the insurance company wrote the bike off - bugger

After the Belgium/ Germany trip it was family time with all of my family coming to the cottage for a lovely Sunday meal and then a walk after before we all went back to our respective locations.

This little fella is all our futures, Teddy Wells and grandad Wells 

Don't feel too bad for my bike accident, I am lucky enough to have another - half the size in CC terms but still quite capable. On the trip to Germany there were two other riders on 650 Deauvilles

I took these pictures as the sun was setting reflecting off the cottage windows

More to come but I needed to get at least one post in July !

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