Thursday, 3 August 2017

Youngsters on the cut

I was on the boat last week and when I arrived there were four boats opposite our moorings. I think this was/is a record.

One shared ownership boat, one broken down boat, one moving around the system boat, one fit out boat. Its amazing how you can tell or find out about such boats and their use. Some from sitting fishing just watching  - and listening as people don't always realised how sound carries when it is just one voice. Last time we were on the Fradley visitor moorings a very well to do couple came back from the Swan to then have a very loud argument - well she was having strong and industrial words to her fella about texts he had been receiving and sexual acts she though he was being given .... yes it was that clear and she was that loud.

The broken down boat had been brought the day before and now had developed a gear box fault, the fit out boat was from the little boat company above Common lock. Both crews were in their twenties so it was nice to see the next generation on the system, possibly as the cost of housing is so high this is their best option, not a bad one if they understand the limitations and  depreciation.

When leaving the next day the broken down boat was limping off to  'thousand pound Rays' place at Streethay. The lad was using  the stern rope to try and control the boat while waiting for keepers lock, I asked if he was receptive to a bit of advice and he was very keen so I suggested he take the stern rope off and put it as a temp centre line while cruising, as I left he was making the change. A small detail but he was happy to listen  - all the advice we can get is helpful he said, well done to him, he will hopefully soon be a better skipper than I especially if he spends all year cruising the system.


Anonymous said...

Ray is long gone (5 years) from Streethay and Nick is very fair and reasonable! Tom

Nev Wells said...

That's good to hear but a little contrary to others tales I have heard. But it's all down to personal experience I guess and I'd encourage anyone to give the place a fair try.