Thursday, 19 October 2017

A close call and 4 more years !

I had a day at Tom's  my eldest son's house on Monday, DIY'ing and gardening. The wind and a weird sun were ever present and on leaving at dusk I got two messages from my good neighbours at the moorings saying they had moved Percy as a large branch was on its way down adjacent  to the boat - thanks gents. Nothing I could do about it and Kev and Harry gave me confidence they had made the boat safe. So early the next day I headed off via Screwfix to the boat.

Screwfix was for a couple of bits to give me some reassurance about the boat safety exam I had booked. Some stove cement for the Morso and a cooker chain.

This is what was hanging when I got to the boat.....

Basically the top of the Willow had snapped  - it is rotten inside so I guess it really needs taking out but as it is more on my neighbours mooring it is for them to decide as it will remove a bit of privacy. The problem this year is we have had no frosts so all the leaves are still on the trees meaning the storms put more pressure on the trees and it finds the weakness. Yesterday I walked up to Kings Bromley marina  - such a nice walk and there was a very large Willow branch down just off the tow path. Storm Brian is on its way tomorrow apparently.... lets see what that does !

Anyhow I cut back what I could with the pole saw (very handy) then it was back to boyhood and tree climbing  to cut through what was holding the large trunk on - it went into the canal with such a smash. If it had come down on Percy or Sam it would have caused damage for sure.

Anyhow, we both have firewood for next year !

It was also Boat Safety inspection day - only 9 months out of date.... yes I know, just been a busy year. I meant to get it done early spring but then it was house selling and house buying then other stuff..... anyhow, Percy passed, an advisory on low level ventilation.

I intend getting a bubble tester fitted soon so I can keep a check on the gas system. So thats another job done for 4 years. Percy was blacked last year so next year will be new flooring in the bathroom and kitchen, maybe re tiling the bathroom and fitting a stove in the back cabin.

I did replace the old guards stove  - see here  but then thought it would not pass the boat safety as there were gaps in the door and the lower baffle plate did not fit so well. Anyhow talking to the examiner he said it would pass but with an advisory ! So not sure if to replace the guards stove or not now - I do like the look of the little stove and it performs well. However I have seen one at Stone chandlery that I may drive over to to  get another look at .... plenty of time  !

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