Friday, 12 January 2018

Another new gadget for the boat

I do have a temp gauge on Percy but it does not give much info.... I've often wondered what different parts of the engine are doing heat wise, the hot to touch technique is ok to a point but for £10.99 I can now get some comparative readings across different parts of the boat.

So this is now part of my toolkit. 

I need to balance the radiators at home also so it will be useful in getting the flow and return pipes to an acceptable difference  - demonstrating the radiator is in fact radiating heat at a decent rate. 

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Quaysider said...

lol I bought one for exactly the same reason, re. radiators... after MUCH buggering around trying to get the "difference" spot on - I gave in.

It DOES come in handy for predicting whether the canal will freeze over night though or whether the stove needs feeding.