Thursday, 29 March 2018

One thing missing from Percy....

Whilst I  have lived aboard Percy we still have a cottage. I could live full time aboard if I had to but it would be a challenge and there would be compromises that I would not enjoy. 

It was apparent to me when I got back to the cottage yesterday and decided on food. Now we have a freezer of a decent size here at the cottage and it has a dedicated space for ice cream and ice lollies. I have a weakness for both. Percy is a  simple boat and we enjoy not having complicated systems of heavy electrical loads. The latter means I can live aboard for three or four days at a time and not need to run the engine. In fact during the summer with decent solar input this can be stretched as we have shorter  nights so less lights. 

One thing anyone living afloat will know about is fridges and freezers being the biggest consumer of your amp hours. It is easy during the winter as we use the back cabin as our fridge. It makes for a decent if distant location to store all the stuff that normally goes into the amp hour eater in the kitchen. Our little 12v fridge has an ice box but it needs running quite cold to make it work. We have when been out cruising each day used it for frozen food, but we have to turn the fridge cold and rely on a few hours running the engine while we cruise. 

So a freezer would be nice but not essential and not something to push us to more static engine running.   

Now about stoves .....

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