Friday, 18 May 2018

Nature is taking over

...that's what happens when you don't spend enough time at the mooring or God forbid moving the boat.

I needed to have the right bike in the right place for an upcoming trip to Scotland plus one of the bikes needs a bit of work doing on it and I have the tools and garage down south. However the icing on the cake so as to speak for a trip back to the midlands was the need to mow the grass on my mooring. I asked C&RT not to do this as they have broken two windows on my boat and another window on another boat on the moorings.

So on the spur of the moment yesterday I did my chores and donned my motorcycle gear and undertook a spirited ride up to Fradley. Cutting dry grass is such a pleasure  (compared to wet grass - all grass cutting is horrid imho) I set to and got the mooring tidy again...

Then it was off the the cottage to swap bikes over ....

Did a few chores at the house then back to the boat via the coop for food for tea and fishing !!

As I was waiting for the morning rush hour ( not for me anymore !!) to pass I has a session this morning but it was chilly 6c first thing !

Seems Fradley is a major plane junction 

The same reflected ...

The canal was sooo still this morning perfect for tree reflections.

Now the embarrassing bit... the boat seems to have more green on its bottom than the mooring. No moss on a rolling stone is the same as no algae on a moving boat.... mine has plenty !! Plus the spiders making webs is bad enough, but combined with Dandelion seeds that stick making a lace curtain shroud on the well deck, back doors and fender is another bad sign. Then the dust and bird poo.... Yes I need to give the boat some TLC and some moving time.... 

But if you have got this far there is some good news on the horizon.....!! 

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