Saturday, 9 June 2018

A bad bad boater

Not even sure I can count myself as a boater at the moment as I so rarely move Percy. Thursday saw a forked approach to getting back to the Midlands with me dropping Rachel off at Bosham station to catch a train to London then hot footing it back to the West Ashling cottage to load up the car and head north to the boat. The plan was to meet Rachel In Derby and travel back to Staffordshire together in the car  - it all worked apart from delays to the trains in London.

I seem to be doing everyone else's gardening at the moment. Paying the landlord to cut his grass and his long long hedges is somewhat at odds with sense... but not for much longer.  Cutting the grass on the mooring is my choice to stop C&RT damaging my boat.

So I arrived and was greeted with quite a show of dandelions and spiders webs !! The recent prolonged dry weather has allowed nature to flourish. Percy and her mooring did look quite unkept.

It was hot... but the genny was fired up and the grass and cobwebs seen to. 

In past years we have washed and polished Percy Spring and Autumn.... last time she had a wash was Autumn.... like I said I am a bad boater  - one thing not to be moving another not to take the time to clean. But on reflection I can't do it all and for now the immediate future the cottage down south and a couple of holidays need focus.... then it will be Percys turn again. 


Sue said...

You are a boater!.... Just chill and carry on!

Nev Wells said...

Thanks Sue, I have got progressively more chilled as I work into my retirement !! Hopefully us returning north (sadly away from the beautiful South Downs) will allow more time and attention on Percy. Hope you are enjoying the Thames once again. Take care

Mandy Wright said...

I'm a worse boater than you if we are judging it on how many times we clean! I tend to just paint mine when it gets too unsightly!