Sunday, 26 August 2018

Danger time

... well it is for my internet. When you spend time on a boat or live on a boat or as is the case for us rely on 4g broadband at home  because the copper internet is so poor (around 1mb/sec download is poor.) you 'manage your internet consumption.

There are many good YouTube videos on how to get broadband on your boat. My son(s) have fast unlimited broadband - well over 100mb/s and with it being unlimited it does not matter what is connected and what is syncing . In fact the digital world of today just assumed everyone has unlimited Broadband so allows their software to be update or syncing pictures or documents downloading updates without asking etc.

So why danger time. We were due on the boat this weekend but the crap weather forecast put this back for a week so we have been sorting and dumping and shredding and sorting 'stuff' at the cottage. We are on the last room if you don't count the workshop  - our office and it is full of stuff. I have now got my windows PC up and running but is has not been on since January - queue many many updates of operating systems and software - all raiding my generous but limited data amounts.

So here is my tip - I've posted it elsewhere. I have a LG phone that a very good friend gave me for one simple reason - the telecoms company 's software is blind to its use, meaning I can tether to it and my 30gb tether allowance is not touched. So before I fired up the windows PC I enabled the tether on the LG phone and lots is going on in the background but all not eating one of my three (yes three) internet data sources.

It may not last but it is very useful right now. When I was living aboard it was used a lot and was very effective. I can provide the model but I guess it'll also be some specific update (or not update) that has allowed it to be invisible . 

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