Sunday, 21 July 2019

This time last year

I really do enjoy looking back at 'this time last year' on the blog. A special look back today (written on the 19th July)  as it has been a year since we left the four years of living and travelling to and from the south coast to take full time residence in our cottage in the Staffordshire moorlands.

Here was my one and only blog post from July 2018  - busy busy time for sure hence the small amount of posts - click here 

It is truly scary how quickly time flies - even when 7 days a week of it are your own time. Its been a great year, holidays a plenty plus finally getting the garage and porch started - I'll blog the pictures when it is complete for my record.

There is no doubt we both miss the south coast and West Ashling and Chichester in particular. What we do not miss is the endless hours and miles spent on the motorways between the two locations and the logistics of living in 2/3 places, if we count Percy many nights apart which was very hard.

A couple of pics to remind us when we look back again in a years time - hopefully.

Our first year in East Dean - first cottage on the left opposite the pub - would have liked to have stayed but it was a little to far from Rachels work and the internet was very slow for her MSC work at the time.

One of our favourite walks on the south downs above East dean

I don't miss cutting that grass - last time we visited out old neighbours the new tenant had it looking like a jungle !!

More beautiful walking 

Three years here in West Ashling, gorgeous outlook, lovely neighbour and a garage for my bikes

Last sunset walk - etched into my memory.

The final terrace beer before lights out on our time south. 

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