Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Almost feel guilty...

The Smartgauge is installed. I really don't think you can do without one of these once you have had one. I am lost on the battery charging front without one. It was good to visit Waterlily recently and be able to check on the state of charge of her batteries (97%)  It is more important on Percy for two reasons
  1. Percy only has 2 batteries
  2. We only need to run the engine for battery charging now - not for hot water as was the case on Waterlily
It is a fit and forget type install, the manual says just leave it to it and it will calibrate and get more accurate over a few days. It is a very easy install three 1mm square wires. Anything on the engine to date has been easy, it's a nice place to work and potter.... but we all suspect that and it one of the upsides of having an 'engine room'.

Why do I feel guilty.... well it is tech in a very basic but well engineered install. I am sure Tony would not approve but we tend to use our boats as a floating retreat as we both work full time so don't get the chance to cruise the system yet. So how the batteries are is quite critical to us.

The install is in 15mm copper tubing to keep it looking the same as other electrical installs in this space. Next job is to complete the solar panel install into copper and hard fix the controller  - more drilling and tapping the steel bulkheads...!!

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