Sunday, 6 January 2013

Out on the bike

Ok, I never promised it would be all boat related. Today the Pan got its first run of 2013. For the record the mileage is just over 30,000 so we will see what we do this year. The reason for the ride was to meet a friend who we will be riding into Europe with, maybe with a terminus of Colditz....

We will see, we already have a long weekend in Kent and the same in Moffet Scotland. I might get time off for good behavior for a trip to Perth and then there is Dunoon to revisit, as well as John and Carrie in Stranraer...goodness where will be boating fit in..... watch this space for that one !

Anyhow it's lager time now and food with eldest son Tom and his partner Courtney,

A good weekend all in all,

Get out there you only get one life !

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LittleInsect said...

I'm also heading up to Moffat later in the year, and to Derbyshire in May. Where are you going to in Kent, and when? Would be good to see you again