Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Best ever fishing and a Personal Best

...Only an evening session at some lakes a good friend introduced me to.

22 carp in total in 4 hours, got broke twice and finished the day with a personal best. I estimate well over 150 lb of fish tonight.

It does somewhat spoil canal fishing, but when you get good fish from the canal you know you have done well. The one above nearly took the rod, then me in with it, estimated at 16-18 lb click the photo to see me it us in all our hi res glory !

Thanks again Graham for the venue and the bait tip.... !

I checked back on my Waterlily blog here for my best canal carp.....

Both excellent fish... read the story on the link above to find out how I caught the one from the canal !


  1. Oh WOW!

    That canal carp wasn't caught at Cropredy was it?

    I did try for one late this afternoon but I think they had all gone for an early night!

  2. Ah NOW I follow the link.. Not Cropredy then!

  3. ... and the bait a Mussel. Ideal for the boat if you have a freezer. I have done well on prawns as well, another good freezer bait.

  4. Cracking session Nev. Is the lake local and open to the public or a private syndicate ??

  5. John,

    It is Robinwood lakes £5 per day open to the public. Off the Ingleby road out of Swarkstone.

    Well worth a visit - do you fish then John?

  6. Cheers Nev. I know where you mean. Been there a couple of times but not recently. I've fished since I was a young lad. I'm also very fortunate to be able to fish at the marina. I reckon you'd beat your new personal best if you had a session in there.

  7. ... fish at the marina, all of a sudden a marina mooring is a lot more appealing ! what have you had out of there then?

  8. It has a good stock of carp. Plenty of food for them as lots of folks feed them. The best way is to get them on the top with bread or dog biscuits on days like this. I've had plenty of mid teens but have seen larger in there. Strong tackle required. You are allowed to fish free of charge and plenty do.

  9. Bl***y Show Off :) Stein was feeling mightily chuffed after catching his "big" fish last week in Leighton Buzzard. He must try harder, don't you think ? Well Done Nev. Jacquie

  10. Stein got a good canal Bream... this one was from a stocked lake so less of a 'catch' Having said that there are as big or bigger in the canals. Certainly if you get up to Great Haywood below the lock there are some big carp there... I have been snapped a few times when fishing for smaller fish.

    Tight lines as they say !

  11. Super fish Nev