Friday, 21 June 2013

It all feels a little sad....

No blogging recently, I have been to the boat and like most done some painting in the interlude of good weather  My father in law Charles passed away, on Rachel's birthday sadly. I will blog about him when it is right to do so, but for now it has rightly kept us off the boat as we prepare for life without him.

Other challenging stuff it also going on that means the blog has been neglected  but it will be updated on brighter days.

More people are signing off the life on the canals, Paul and Lynn from NB Piston Broke  have now sold and are in the process of moving off, and Heth from WB Takey Tezey is selling up to jet off to Spain and Jacquie and Stein from NB Like Duck to Water are taking a break from blogging.

Who next I wonder?

Take care



Blue Moon said...

Sorry to hear your news Nev. We only commented earlier this week that you were quiet on the blog and now we understand why.
Keep your heads up at this sad time. I'm sure you have many happy memories of Charles which will help to comfort you both.
All the best

John & Louise x

grey wolf said...

Sorry to hear of your bereavement..and hope you soon reach happier times.

Heather TakeyTezey said...

Chin up Nev, stay strong xx


Ken and Sheena said...

Sorry to hear your news, Nev. I've lost people close to me too. When the grief eventually does dissipate, there will be happy memories. I believe you will always miss them in your heart. But they themselves would not want you to mourn forever over their passing, to the detriment of your self.

When I depart, I hope my friends will have "a right old knees up" and celebrete the crazy things that I did do with my life. Rather than get upset because I'm not around anymore.