Tuesday, 29 July 2014

24 years a sad reflection

Well its the first blog for a little while. Many miles driven but only about an hour on the engine clock since moving aboard. A lot of that is to do with how the boat was planned, plus the great sunny weather, long days and a little planning on my side.

The boat is providing a nice home, very peaceful and the weather has been a welcome moving on present, I still get a lot of joy opening the back doors each day to glorious early morning sun.

I am finding too much time to fish at the moment with boat chores taking second stage, I am the bad boater with a poo tank on the well deck ready for cleaning out and a weed growing out of my rear fender..... as I say too much fishing. This weekend may well see the grass cut again and the gas locker painted.... may happen, then again may not.

Anyhow tonight a little sad reflection as its 24 years since my dad died. When I think of all the things we have done in that time he was not here to see or for me to share I do get a little sad. The things I would have liked to have shared and the way my lads would have enjoyed their granddad .... well not to be.

The cottage we have is just 3 miles from Glorious Goodwood, I know he would have loved to have made a visit there, well not to be - but I can imagine and often do with him with me at these locations.

I regrettably do not have a faith I envy those who do but I console myself with my belief of the afterlife, that of holding memories and talking about people, they live on in both and while we remember they have an afterlife. it is fitting that as we also grow old so do their memories and they gradually fade into a very personal history.

So I am having a glass of my dad tipple - Whisky, not Haig, as he used to drink but a Glenmorangie a bottle I keep on the boat to help remember my dad, pleasingly brought by my two lads.


MortimerBones said...

to your dad!

Allan Woolford said...

Nice thoughts Nev! Now go and get your chores done.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks to both of you.

Alan I have a pint of maggots so no chores tonight !!

Adam said...

If you're in the area and fancy experiencing Glorious Goodwood without the expense, you can go and sit up on the Trundle, the hill opposite the race course. During GG they pipe the commentary up there, and there are bookies too. You're looking along the final straight, which isn't ideal, but it's still great fun.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Adam,

I'm on the boat at the moment so will miss GG, thanks for the advice, one for next year maybe. The Star and Garter opposite us was doing good business by all accounts so there was some winners yesterday !!