Thursday, 31 July 2014

The best of evenings and the worst of evenings....

Well... the fishing last night was fantastic.

I caught large Chubb, large Bream, large roach and large Perch. The icing on the cake was to catch a Zander, not caught one of those before. Wow what a scary looking fish, I am advised they are up to 8lb in the canal by Percy.

I did pay the price... I now have three tell tale large red itchy lumps on my lower legs. I would really like to know what insect it is that gives such a bite  - any ideas. I'll spare you the pics but I am sure most boaters have experienced them at one time or another?

Now the bad bit...

Washing my hands after my fishing session the bathroom smelt like a gents toilet, fair enough I am home alone at the moment, more blue maybe... then I noticed it was wet behind the Thetford loo... Anyhow it appears I had not put the cassette in correctly or maybe a bit of paper was stopping the seal, result a few fluid ounces of my finest was in and around the back of the loo and had seeped under the bath. So it was scrub and strip down to clean up my mess  - literally !!

I had to have a whisky to get rid of the smell that had invaded my sinuses. All clear now and a lesson learnt.

Chores tonight so no fishing... well maybe not as much as last night !!


  1. For a while .... Back on the cream !!

  2. Go and see a doctor,you can get a disease from the fish,you may need antibiotics,it can get serious! Take care love Pamxx