Sunday, 10 August 2014

Madness and I am part of it

Chris Rea wrote about it, he called it the road to hell. I have listened to it many times but now it is a part of my life as it was my route down to the cottage we have in West Sussex. It is the M25

7.50 pm Thursday  there must have been a 10 mile clockwise queue, thankfully I was going anticlockwise.

Anyhow this is a boating blog so I thought I needed to make the contrast.....

6.15am..... for the last few weeks

There is no greater contrast, and I am lucky I can dip between the two.... with the majority on the boat I'm pleased to say.

I have a list of things to do.... and buy. The TV is now a smart 22 inch tv - gone is the 18 inch LG - anyone want a cheap little used TV ? Two captains chairs and a stool will be onboard after the paint job.

Outside.... decking that is next weekends job hopefully if I can get my lads helping me on my birthday ! Then it will be a small slabbed patio area, two outside areas to use are essential. Then some savage pruning and I will have my wildlife viewing platform.

First outside job is a better store for a few bits, that will free up a wood store and coal store close to the boat to get the necessary to keep me warm over the coming winter.

I'll feel better about living aboard when I have these areas done.... then a patio heater may just appear??


  1. Small adjustments for comfort Nev.... as to the M25, find a different route, take an A or B road and enjoy the ride.... there are many options, just not ones you need to be in a hurry on....

  2. Les,

    There is a different route but it puts me in the Birmingham rush hour, but we are still finding out the best times and routes, we have not had a commute in our lives to date so we are being stoical about it. Sorry to hear the Scotland jaunt with Warren is off, I would have made it if I had the leave ! Whilst we do not have a midlands house for you and Mary there is alway a bunk on the boat if you come south or a bed in the cottage if you come souther !

  3. I'd always use the M40/A34 rather than M25.

  4. So far so lucky.... I do need to try the A34/M40 route It is a more enjoyable drive with less risk of big delays!!

  5. Adam... cannot find an email address to raise this question direct, I hope you pick this up? On a test 2 boats or so back you made particular comment about the windows on the test boat. When we have Percy painted in October I want to replace the windows - ideally with double glazed units. Who would you recommend from the many that you have seen in your boat tests?

  6. Hi Nev -- not really allowed to recommend particular companies. I'm also struggling to think which test you're talking about. The Crick winner had a new product from Channelglaze -- double glazed fully opening portholes. I think that's the only time I've mentioned windows recently. I'd say there's not much to choose between any of them in terms of quality -- it just depends which ones you like the look of, and which suit the boat. Well worth getting double glazed though; I can't see the point of replacing windows and having single glazing. The main ones to look at would be Channelglaze, Worcester, and Wesley (and Wesley can powder coat any colour you like). If you want brass portholes, then look at Procast.

  7. Adam,

    Many thanks for replying. I have had Wesley out to the boat and like their friendly style so may well go with them, It could have been the Channelglaze I was thinking about. I am hoping to use my existing brass portholes - just will needs some polishing !! Thanks again