Thursday, 14 August 2014

I hate Horseflys

Suffering today, the local Horsefly community objected last night when I took a spade to my mooring to put in some slabs and a new storage bunker. By the time I realised they were having a go it was too late and I had ben bitten 12 times.... So it was a shower and them lathered with Anthisan to try and hold the swelling and itching.

So this morning I was awake at 5.30 aching from the digging and itching from my encounter with the little buggers. The new protocol will be insect repellant now every time I am working outdoors. They got me 3 times last week when fishing and I thought I was ok in long jeans last night and still got one bite on my leg.

I look like a drug addict at the moment.....

Having read up on the bites it is clear the best approach is to hold the itching as the scratching can introduce infection. Keeping an eye for tell tale signs of infection... where is my nurse when I need her ?

Live and learn as they say - at least my bunker is up and now relieving the pressure on the fore-cabin so I can actually get in and find stuff = vacuum cleaner !!


  1. You need some antihistamine tablets, they will stop the itching and swelling.

  2. Get some calamine lotion on those, that should also cool them down.....
    Horse flies are dangerous little beggars, the bites can really get bad.....
    If they don't calm down I would consider a glass of single malt.... and a piece of cotton wool... dip the cotton wool in the whiskey, drink the whiskey, then dab the bites with the cotton wool.... you will require another whiskey at this point.... possibly more than one.;-)

  3. Cover with Savlon to forestall infection.

  4. Eve, a tablet taken, thanks for the advice. Les... a good plan B is Glenmorangie OK? Sarah, I am doing the same with Anthisan... it calm it down and hopefully does the same thing re infection. Rachel has said T tree oil all doing the same thing. I guess the real challenge is not to scratch as that is when the infection get in? I have not seen you this year, normally we pass once a year !

  5. ... my nurse turned up at 3 am having driven 200 that's love !

  6. Sweet x
    I did post a comment to you Nev y'day reference your kind message, but I changed my ID, so not sure if it got through to you. Best wishes to you both in your new adventures. Jacquie

  7. Hi Nev, I had never encountered horse flies till this summer over here, and like you, learned that they land oh so softly and bite like a b*st*rd before I even knew they were there! I had been broken in though by a severe midge attack up in Scotland, so was on the case with Anthisan all day and anti-histamine tablets at night. When steering and unable to reach the Anthisan I find spit works for a while - if I can slap the horsefly to death as well I feel much better too!
    Recently I read your moving post about your dad - brought back memories of my dad who I think of pretty much every day, with a smile rather than in a sad way.
    Cheers, Marilyn (