Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lucky Buggers....

....well not so lucky, maybe a bit cheeky, but they got themselves a cracking boat.

I was working away on my decking and noted a nice big blue boat approaching, knowing John and Louise were bringing their new boat back from Mercia I was on the lookout.

We agreed to give them 30 mins to moor up and I paid them a visit. I got a very warm welcome from John, Louise and Jasper. It is a real treasure to be so able to feel immediate friendship all from the power of canals and blogs.

They certainly have a great very very hi spec Aqualine boat. I was a tad envious of all the space and comfort. It is a really great long term cruising boat.

The final shot.... two very happy people. I think they have big plans for next years cruising, I will enjoy reading of their adventures !!


Nb Yarwood said...

They are taking the new boat across the Wash with Yarwood, What a Lark and Clarence, how brave is that?

Nev Wells said...

Lol.... yes they told me I think Louise is Really looking forward to it .... take care of them out there !!

Blue Moon said...

Brave or daft ?? Really looking forward to the adventure. We are moored with WaL at Shugborough tonight so we'll discuss over a meal and beers later.