Sunday, 16 November 2014

If only...

.......they had build a canal in the New Galloway forest I'd be sorted !!

A few weeks ago I took a road trip from Chichester to Stranraer  - 480 miles, covered it using the Honda, CRV - 4 wheels rather than ST1300 -  2 wheels, never mind, this chapter of my life is bikeless which is sad.

It was for a trip to see my good friends John and Carrie and their two little dynamo's. I had provisionally agreed it when I thought I would be homeless while the boat was painted, this is now July 2015.... when I should be larging it up back in the homestead, no commute, bike in the garage, as much electricity as I want to waste as well as water and heat etc, anyhow that is next years story maybe.

So I set off Monday am and got to their farm house in the twilight of a Scottish winter - just in time for the tail end of hurricane something or other to whip through....


We had a great time as it was the kids half term....

My kind of beach.... all to ourselves.

We had a day in the Galloway forest.....and had all seasons in half an hour

The farmhouse location is stunning...

The only hiccup was when messing about with the radio controlled planes and quadcopers John's plane lost its valiant battle with an unexpected wind. We build them with sophisticated flight controllers that have GPS and altimeters in them but even though the plane knew where it was trying to fly back to the head wind was pushing it back up the West coast of Scotland. We thought we got a Ltt and Long fix as it was running out of battery but we suspect after the last broadcast is was blown a long way off form this last fix.... ouch !!

All in all an excellent and restorative break. Thank you John and Carrie


  1. Sounds like a great break. Love Scotland, almost land of my birth (if we hadn't been taking a boating holiday in England)

  2. Fabulous scenery they are very lucky to live there!