Tuesday, 12 May 2015

RIP the Three 'One Plan' - Greedy Three

Greedy greedy Three.

They have written to me telling me my 'One Plan' with unlimited tethered data is being withdrawn, but good news, they can offer a contract at double the cost and only 4gb of data.....

Not a difficult decision then.

Nice fella, tried all ways to sell me something, offered me nothing by way of apology or reflection of customer loyalty. So I told him I would not be using Three again in the foreseeable future and recommending to all I know to steer clear.


Ironically I was very close to cancelling my EE 4G contract but at £20 for 15gb it is the best mobile contract out there and pleasingly I get 4g on my mooring from EE but only HSPDA  (3g+) from Three.


Sue said...

Hard luck. They have been doing this to people since November last year I think. So far I haven't had the email.. No TV signal here in Brandon tonight. Dunno why maybe I have a faulty aerial plug or maybe it is just too far to Sandy Heath transmitter.. Whatever I have been tethering a bit of TV so I wonder now if that email will arrive in the next couple of days ;)

Nev Wells said...

I would lie low with 3 ..... I asked for a different sim to put into a Iphone and within 48 hours I had the letter telling me they were withdrawing the service. It might be they only review on such contact so stay quiet and you may keep the contract. However they did say in their letter if they did not hear from me they would move me to the double price half service contract next month so be careful you do not miss their mail if sent ??

nb Lola said...

I use three but do not tether, non tether unlimited is £17 per month

Nev Wells said...

Hi Paul, I got offered that but I tether for my Macbook and Netflix through the Smart Tv on board. Their loss EE's gain .