Sunday, 7 June 2015

Help me out here....would you believe boat heating ?

Ok.... in considering this post account for the fact I 'feel the cold' 

The sun is at last shining and the weather is slowly warming up so I am thinking about the winter aboard Percy... or heating in general. Somewhat influenced by a post by Chas & Ann off NB Moore 2 Life 

They comment "On with the radiators to kill the chill" I do this at home but we may not have a home in the future... or not the one we have now. But on Percy we cannot just "On with the radiators".... we have to have a fire to light and keep in.

So do we keep the simple, no power option of coal, back boiler, no pump but hard work and not an option to "On with the radiators to kill the chill" ?

Other options are 

Diesel stove and rads - well 32mm copper pipe, but have to have a power sucking noisy pump ....

A diesel stove ... (how instant is the heat from the Reflecks) and separate boiler to provide   "On with the radiators to kill the chill" 

Keep the wood burner but cap off the back boiler and add a separate boiler to heat me pipes  !

My leaning is the latter but what boiler to install...(I need a low power using boiler)

If nothing else it keeps my mind off other things .... your thoughts & experiences would really be appreciated ? 

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