Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What you get for your money...!

I got my canal mag this morning. A nice review of  I guess one of the last Hudson's to be built, which is sad. The price  - Circa £150,000, wow that is a lot for a boat and whilst a Hudson it was still a lot of money for the space it provided.

We have a casual eye on the property market as those who know us well will understand why. Down south where I spend some of my time the property prices are just eye watering - in a bad way as you get so little for your money. There does seem to be a lot of money down there as property comes onto market and sells quickly.

£270,000 for this one bedroom property in Chichester

£260,000 gets you this 4 bedder with land and views to die for in Dumfries and Galloway

Property prices seems to be ever lower in Scotland right now but peaking in the south.... or you could just buy a boat from 20k to 150k and have whatever view and location you want - so longs as you are ok living in a large pencil case !!

Mad !

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