Friday, 22 July 2016

All alone ...... more ways than one but this is the boat at 7am this morning. You will need to click the image to see the desertion !

A little catch up  - blacking is now done for another 3 years courtesy of Phoenix marine at Kings Bromley. We dropped Percy off there the other weekend after getting to the boat 6pm ish then took a beautiful late evening cruise past Woodend lock and moored in splendid isolation on one of the long wooded stretches that make this part of the canal one of the best about.

I'll add a photo here from Rachel's phone later of Percy waiting to have her bottom sorted.

Then is was normal work and travel stuff with Callum and Emma coming to the cottage to help cut the hedges and build a window frame so I could add a cat flap.... its a long story !

After a hard weekend we took a lovely sea walk around Bosham.

Then it was a drive back up the A3/M25/M1 to drop all the tools off at the house, then on to Fradely. It does make me chuckle to see people just standing holding ropes, like large dogs at locks, 'tis what the bollards are for? Click the image and zoom in.... I did not wish to offend !

Anyhow I dropped off the car and walk a couple of miles up the canal to pay for (£10/foot) the job then off back, but the warm day and the desire to just rest took over and once again I moored up for the evening - this time with two other boats at respectful distances who were also enjoying the shade of the woods.

Excuse the selfie.... very tired and hot !

I needed to be at work the next day so it was an early start - 6am up and untying the ropes just after 6.15 am. 

It was magical until I looked behind me and saw another boat  following !! They were on a mission to get back to Braunston as they had a poorly dog on board and a fubarr'd water pump. The benefit was they helped me through Woodend and Shadehouse. By the time I got to Fradley locks there were boats moving. I emptied my cassettes, I did not need water as I had filled up at Kings Bromley. 

The sun was streaming in the boat by the time I moored up on my neighbours mooring as I wanted the strim the grass on the pillings  and cut it elsewhere. 

It was hot and I am ashamed to say the only cold drink I had was a can of John Smiths that went down in one at 9.15 am -a new record !! At least the fridge is doing its job now.

So lawns cut boat moved back then back home to cut the grass there before going off to work finally getting home again to the house at 9pm.

Been on the boat for a few nights  - mainly to fish - I do need to give it a good clean inside and out... but that can wait, while the weather is so nice and the evenings so balmy fishing takes precedent.


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