Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What does that hold.....

.... is a question we have been asked a few times when out cruising. They are referring to our forecabin. It is indeed a cabin as it has two small berths and could with some woodworking be made into a big double. However like any space that does not get frequent use it turns into a dumping /storage place.

I was advised by a self confessed ex working boater at Colwich lock last year the boat was not authentic as it did not have a stove in the forecabin - now I don't pretend my boat is anything other than a nice place to be and a nice thing to move around the canals on. He advised when he was a child he lived in the forecabin with his many other brothers and they had a little pot belly stove to keep the place warm. Obviously no BSS in those days, but I do not doubt his tale as I have seen similar with a stove chimney.

Back a couple of days before I progress the forecabin story and we took the opportunity to give Rachel's mum a trip out on the boat. She has not been too great recently and the fresh air and a memory or two were the ideal tonic.

The Sunday I decided the boat was overdue a clean so set to but could not find the cleaning 'stuff'. I decided it must be in the aforementioned 'storage' space so I set to finding it......

Yep.... that lot came out - it looked like a jumble sale !! A good clean inside and after some judicious sorting, scrapping and tidying I got it all back in and now I can find stuff. What I did not find was my cleaning stuff ! At least I have a tidy and useable forecabin now. (and a dirty boat !)


  1. Does the fore cabin have Windows?xx

  2. Portholes ...... you and Bill should come over for a cruise sometime