Thursday, 4 August 2016

Mr fix it ....

Not a lot going on at the moment, seems very quiet compared to the manic spring and early summer of getting the house sorted the boat sorted and the holidays sorted.... a getting things sorted sort of busy.

The Brexit voters have delivered a very nervous and static housing market - not the best time to put your property up for sale but we don't need to sell. If we don't I'll have a option for winter living as well as the boat. If we did sell I was going to swap out the solid fuel stove for a diesel one but that does not seem so urgent now.

Despite buggering up my hand (waiting a hospital referral for that) I have still been fiddling with stuff. Last week I sorted the petrol strimmer, just some replacement fuel hoses as the originals had gone brittle. Then the electric cooker at the cottage was stripped as the oven stopped working. A selector switch was diagnosed as the fault so off to the pub for food and a part ordered from Espares to be fitted next visit.

Then it was the Honda Deauville that I needed to do a coolant change on.... the internet is wonderful for such guidance - especially the Deauville forum. I then took it for a good run Sunday and decided I needed to nip up the head bearings so that was Sunday PM's job. Rachel painted the new window frame Callum and I made so we could get a cat flap in.

We treated ourselves to a nice 5 mile walk up on the South Downs  - walking late afternoon we had it much to ourselves which as an antisocial type appeals !

Then it was the early morning run back to work - a gentle 200 mile commute before getting back to the boat for some sublime fishing.

My neighbours are back from two very different cruises, one taking 4 months the other 10 days - both did big distances but in very different time spans.

The fridge is working fine... the day sun is keeping it going FOC via the solar panel and I have not had to run the engine at all  - the boat is frugal on its power demands. In the winter when the sin is low and does not give much of a charge the back cabin is cold enough to be the fridge so that works well.

So house stuff and boat stuff to do plus work not much to blog about so only when I want to record something will I reappear with some words.

Take care

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