Monday, 5 December 2016

Fradley and Percy give me a special welcome home

So I am back living aboard NB Percy. Some might say its not the best time to re-start a life afloat (I lived aboard in 2014/2015 but that started in July  - a very different approach was needed then.

Fradley and Percy looked at their best when I arrived this morning. The canal is frozen just past my neighbour Mandy's boat but as the forecast for the next few days is no more frost I guess this will recede.

Percy was covered completely in a duvet of Ice crystals, inside all was well as we had visited and Rachel had kindly give the inside a good clean through.

The sun was still very low in the sky and I doubt much was going into the batteries from the solar.

I had brought my super sized fire lighter - basically one of the 2 hour instant logs that cost about £1.80 from Sainburys.... I cut it in half and lit it surrounded it with coal and the boat was on its way to being my home again for the foreseeable future. 

Then it was the real test to see if Percy had survived the -7c from last week. Water on, taps closed, Morco refilled and waited for the pump to stop  - and it did. If the pump keeps pumping you have either left a tap open or a pipe has opened up somewhere on the boat. 

In 2010 we had this happen on our last boat NB Waterlily - I blogged about it here 

So I have gas/water/coal and hopefully on my return later today a warm boat. I brought he large stew pot back from the cottage and stocked up on veg and stewing meat so tonight a large pot of stew will be made that'll keep me going for the next couple of nights..... a simple joy !

Let the adventure begin (again).


Mandy Wright said...

Welcome back to the real world Nev! Good to have a neighbour again.

Nev Wells said...

It was a relief to find all the systems ok.... still need to do a bit on the electric side and get the boat safety certificate sorted, but it did feel quite magical arriving to the crispy winter wonderland this morning.

Sam said...

Hi Nev. Just to let you know we will be moving in between you and Blade soon, probably at Xmas/new year. Weather permitting, will bring some of our stuff to the mooring this weekend. Looking forward to meeting you. Maggie & Paul, nb Sam (currently at Fradley Junction).

Nev Wells said...

Hi Maggie & Paul,

Welcome to Hunts lock moorings .... I have been here with three boats now since 2008... still not the longest I think there are at least 5 boaters been here longer than me. I'm sure you know some already but I look forward to welcoming you to the little community. I think when you arrive we will be back to a full compliment of boats.

Hopefully catch you at the weekend at some point,

Kind regards


ditchcrawler said...

Are you staying on those moorings now.

Nev Wells said...

Will be here for the remainder of my mooring year - till the early summer. I did enquire at Great Haywood but they were full - well could not take a 60 foot boat. Some other things that if they come off will influence where we moor in the future. Hope your new marina mooring is working out ?