Monday, 16 January 2017

About as low as it gets

Dark nights are one thing, dark wet drizzly nights are pushing the test to a new low. Offside moorings, a good trek from the car in the pitch black are joy on a crisp moonlit night, or a warm summers evening . But a crappy January with towpaths muddy and dangerously slippy have no appeal.

All with the catalyst of events well outside of my control deliver a less than ideal experience. Thats the bad stuff.

Down south this weekend we saw a truly beautiful thing.  First off we are privileged to be able to carry out a semi remote south Downs walk. We have good fitness. We inadvertently went off the track and met up with a beautiful white stag.  Ghosting through the woods like some form of etherial being. I'm pleased we have no photo as my memory will last longer and it so much more detailed.

As if by magic it and the heard of red deer melted off into the woodland  - it felt like a dream a sweet dream you wish to remember for a long long time.

So we have to seek out the small beautiful things especially at this testing time as the year turns and the sun starts to ever gradually warm us all again.

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