Friday, 13 January 2017

Grrr.... feeling envious!

I do not like envy,  I try and strip it out of my life as I already have so much. So what am I getting envious of....

Well a blogger and a Vlogger have got my feet itching, especially David's cartographic masterpiece that describes a route I'd love to do, but maybe with a loop de loop on the four counties clockwise so we get to do the upper Staffs and Worcs three times   - those who have done it will know why.

So they are planning their 2017 cruising routes.

What do they have that I do not have, well I could say time as neither seems to be working (job stuff, I am sure there is work in their lives somewhere). Alas it is not time they have got  - it is the courage and conviction to make/take the time that I guess we all have.

So I'll be vicariously cruising with them this summer and maybe bump into them and you when we do move Percy at some point this year !

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