Friday, 28 April 2017

Feels like a year but its only been a part month !

The longer days are truly a blessing. It means we can achieve more and experience more. The early part of April did see us get a bit of warmth but the rest seems to be accompanied by a cool wind that is stopping the true warmth of spring being enjoyed.

It did not stop me getting a bit of fishing in on the mooring.

Getting my bikes prepped for another summer of commuting/riding meant two MOT's and as the plate on my bigger bike was an MOT fail I swapped it and took the opportunity to account for Brexit and any Scottish departures !

I also explored my possible next bike, it looks gorgeous but I did not enjoy riding it ! 

We took advantage of the South Downes and took a picnic for a walk through the woods of Stansted House, improvising a picnic table.

The next day we were up at Newlands Corner on the bike for what is called the SBC  - Southern Breakfast Club. A run out to a full English breakfast on the roads of Hampshire East/West Sussex and Kent.

We ended up at Brighton Airport , beautiful art deco building and a great if a little expensive breakfast

Back on the boat for work and it was such a lovely evening I walked to the Trent at Alrewas with Leia

The next morning the walk was as enjoyable with the mist rising off the canal from the warming sun.

At the end of the week I was off to collect the keys to the new house. This is our new back yard, I suspect their is a lot of walking in those moorlands ...

While waiting for our furniture to be delivered on the Monday (10th April) we were back on the boat and a much loved boat passed us - Sylph our ex share boat, a few exchanged greetings and she was off towards Alrewas

I took the opportunity to make up a new gasket for the hand pump that lifts fuel from the main diesel tanks to the day tank. The old ones on the left were letting in a small amount of air which stopped the lift of fuel. I brought thicker gasket material to help make an air tight joint.

When I ordered the service kits for the motorbikes I also ordered enough Morrisons oil for the next two oil changes on Percy plus three more auto greasers for the stern gland. Next time I have a few days on Percy I'll do an oil change.

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Georgina Davis said...

Sounds like you are very busy but in an enjoyable way!