Monday, 1 May 2017

Come for a walk with me

One of the joys of the canals is exploration of a new area, especially if you have a dog to exercise. I find the police are called a lot less often to me when I am walking and talking to Leia than when walking on my own !

So whilst not on the boat at the moment I (we) have plenty of exploration of the myriad of local footpaths  (and canal tow paths) within walking of the new cottage.

Despite the cold snap a bigger walk was requested by Leia so off we went ....

I'll save you the trip into the Valley but it takes us about 12 minutes to the river/railway/canal that all share the valley bottom. The river Churnet will be a delight to fish  - lots pf pools to explore, but I need to know who if anyone has the fishing rights.

The river being crossed by the Churnet valley railway. 

Then we arrive at the canal - a little walk up from the river as it runs as anyone who knows this stretch almost on a shelf  - I think moved there to accommodate the railway

  I quite fancy that walk - from Froghall to Etruria  - about 18 miles  - it's on the bucket list !

Looking up from where I walked from  - there is a falconry centre there

All to myself, only noise was nature

Leia was in her element  - lots to sniff and no other dogs to worry about - she does not socialise well with  other dogs. 

Now we get the railway joining the canal  - this is a great place to see the steam trains come by

There is some history here from when the railway company moved the canal to accommodate the railway. The bridge is made up from railway track !

Another wood to explore - another day. I think this is the route to Ipstones 

 This boat has a very remote and rural mooring 

This branch was a little challenge, when I walked the route in reverse the next day it was gone - well done CART

Leaving the canal here at Consall 

The pub is round that corner and a bit 

Back across the railway and river ready for the climb out of the valley through the woods 

One of the locations the trains have to whistle as they approach  - we can hear them from the cottage  - very atmospheric.

Did I mention I like woods ....all you can hear is nature, it is very peaceful

On the lane back to the cottage, looking back into the Valley and the mist rolling from the village of Ipstones.

You might be able to see the route we walked in red. 2.5 miles and we did it one night in 50 minutes and today in reverse in 45 minutes, not too shabby if you account for the steepness that gets us both a decent blow on !

Plenty more to plan and walk in the future  - cheaper than any gym 

This mornings walk was across the fields..... Leia had a decent run, I did not.


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