Thursday, 4 May 2017

The newest and most precious crew member

Percy has a new crew member and I am now a grandad and I could not be more pleased !

Meet Theodore George or Teddy Wells to his friends.

He was born Saturday 29th April 2017 8.19am and weighed 7lb 3oz.

Hopefully when he is a little bigger and stronger he will be able  crew for NB Percy and many many trips will be taken.


  1. I could not be prouder and more protective ... lets hope he is keen to be on the boat - I'll maybe have to wait a few years before he gets his canal legs

  2. Congratulations Nev. When I became a grandad last year it made me feel old - but the upside is that we have a lovely little grandson!

    1. Hi John, I felt old when they told
      Me ( on my Birthday) I was going to be a grandad, but on meeting the little fella I feel like I want to live forever to see him grow as my sons have.

  3. Congratulations to you all - there is nothing quite as good as being a grandparent.

  4. If I'd known earlier how much fun being a grandparent is I wouldn't have bothered having the kids first!