Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I feel a responsibility coming on ....more blogging boaters off the cut

Sad to read two more bloggers are handing in their boat keys for yet to be detailed adventures off the cut.

Tom and Jan from NB Waiouru are returning to the penal colony after a five year adventure cruising the canal system. A blog that will be missed by many as Tom's wit is engaging and entertaining. Sadly we never met, they were 'out' when we walked past their boat moored above Shadehouse a couple of years ago now.

Doug and James also have their boat Chance up for sale. Not live-a-boards but they cover a decent spread of canals each year. Met once at Fradley but live locally to us so we should meet up in our shared city of Chichester ......

Not all sad news as my neighbour Mandy is off on her blogging travels again on NB Don't Panic and Bruce and Sheila on NB Sanity Again are off from their lodge confinement covering a decent spread of water again.

Plus there are all my other vicarious cruising suppliers over there on the right giving their details of journeys and thoughts aplenty.

Hopefully now life is settling down again for us I can get out a bit more, but not quite yet, I have a couple of European motorcycle trip I will record - not for you canally people but for my own dear diary entries to look back on when I am old(er) and infirm(er).

So keep cruising and keep blogging please .