Thursday, 21 December 2017

Boat jobs for 2018

2018.... wow that seems like a lot of years. 18 years since we celebrated the millennium (well me and the lads and my mum as Rachel was working ) Anyhow, back to the title topic.....

One thing that is a joy is I have time to get those jobs done on Percy that I can plan and undertake with time all around. So what needs doing;

1:  A back stove needs adding back in. I do have a nice guards van stove - similar to that which was in when we brought Percy back in 2012. It was there but not connected when I had the boat safety and the surveyor said if it was installed he could not fail the boat but just add an advisory. So I could add it in but it is not a sealed type and we have slept in there with the stove on so it really needs something a bit safer, plus in my workshop at the cottage there used to be a copper for washing clothes - you'd have to be over 50 to know what one of those was.

Close to what I have in my workshop - minus the coper (no doubt weighed in for scrap some years ago) I intend installing my guards stove here so I will need a replacement for the back cabin. I may tie this in to a trip up the Macclesfield to get a chimney made for when I have the stove in. I think they do this at Bollington wharf - or I could nip to Streethey just round the corner on the Coventry as part of one of the trips that way. However I may have a go myself. I have an arc welder so may practice in the workshop chimney.

2:  There is some paint touching up needed - not my favourite job but it needs attending to - a crack in the roof paint in annoying but needs attention.

3:   Two floors in the kitchen and bathroom need laying  - I have the Karndean.

4:   Might replace the cooker- one with a drop down lid will give more cold prep in the kitchen

5:   Will need to tile the kitchen  - not a lot but they will need some sourcing as they will be imperial size

6:   I need to complete the bilge inspection hatch I had to cut when Rachel tried to sink the boat from the inside !!

7:  I need to address a bilge pump issue 

8:   Replace the central heating water

9:   Replace the engine coolant

10:  Paint the poles 

11:   Re roof the log store 

12:   Landscape the mooring a little to make it easier to mow the grass

Thats about it but I'm sure there will be a lot more pottering to do  - plus I have nine cruise routes all planned varying distances/times/locks but cruising I need to do.

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