Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Hitting 50 lots of miles and stoves

...I wish is was years of age but I need to drop a post in before the end of the year to get to 50 for the year. Obviously less than one a week which is poor but in my defence it’s been an busy year.... I will of course do a recap ( mainly for myself ) of the year as I find it engaging to remind myself what I have been up to.

Certainly this Christmas has seen over 1500 miles of A34/M40/M42/M6/A52 travel. Far from ideal but my lovely mother in law Christine is having a hard time of it in and out of hospital. Its a hard time of year for our great NHS - last week I could not pick Rachel up easily as they had closed the roads near the normal entrance as they had 7 ambulances queuing to drop off at A&E

Back to boating, as I noted in my last blog I need to fit another stove so while I have some relaxing time (at last) I have been Googling !

The back cabin really deserves a proper range type stove. I did quite like the Tomlow stove but it seems they are no longer sold?

I guess it'll be a more standard glass fronted stove but I'd like something with character not just a square undecorated box  - any suggestions of links or even pictures of what yo have ?


Sarah said...

I think Eppings are still made - they look pretty similar to the Tomlow. Not cheap but a tried and tested design that works well.

James said...

Yup Epping available from Stourbridge a few bob under £1000

Nev Wells said...

Thanks both, who is selling them in stourbridge ? If it’s under £1000 albeit a lot of money the TomLow was a lot more than that !

Ade said...
Must be these guys

Nev Wells said...

Thanks for the link.... could be a little more expensive than planned but if it fits worth it .