Tuesday, 1 January 2019

I blame Jono

Despite being an avid Blogger (and blog reader) I do follow a few of the hip people on YouTube. One such is a fellow called Jono. I met him at Fradley in the summer of 2017 and appeared in all my glory on this video - click me  about 3.30 in if you just want to fast forward to the star of the show !

So why am I telling you about Jono... he is an avid Victron fan and is fitting Alice out with Victron stuff - including Lithium batteries. In fact I think he now works in some capacity for Victron !

Anyhow he has a code that gets 15% off all Victron stuff at Onboard Energy click here I got a solar controller that I have already blogged about and have just ordered the first part of my new battery set up  - the BMV 712 battery monitor. Done some homework, for a lazy man wanting quality stuff this is the one. The Bluetooth works for me and I can see down the line me getting an inverter/charger from them also as I continue my enlightened journey to all things power  - charge and use etc

I'll not fit it (the BMV) until I have my new batteries and I'll not have them until the event that starts tomorrow is over - yes its boating and it'll be interesting   (well it will for me) so keep reading  !

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