Thursday, 28 February 2019

More sad news...

I guess many who may read this read other boat blogs. You may therefore be aware of Paul Macey's ex of NB Caxton passing on Sunday the 24th February. Sad in the fact he was taken by bastard cancer (his words and those of many others) as was his lovely wife Elaine a couple of years before.

We never met but I followed their blog from day one when they were planning a life change from living in Sydney to aboard a yet to be purchased canal boat in the UK.
One very poignant paragraph from their very first blog hit home with me when I re read it after hearing of his death... I am sure Paula and Elaine would not have minded me quoting them.

"The original time frame for these plans was going to be 3 years but after a boozy Australia Day in the pool, we decided to expedite our plans as - especially after a few champagnes - you realise that life is quite short and you really never know what is around the corner.  Anyway, we decided to take the Bull by the horns and go for it !"

That was Thursday 31st March 2011.

What was around their corner is all within their well written and funny blog, the fact they only enjoyed just over 5 years for Elaine and a little longer but no doubt lonelier time for Paul. They are hopefully reunited somewhere, laughing, enjoying life  - even if it is in our thoughts. 

So as I blogged about making life changing decision in June 2017 - here  take the plunge, take a risk, seek out the dreams, Paul and Elaine did and how great they had five years together exploring, taking risks seeing a different type of life and thank goodness they did.

RIP Paul and Elaine 

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Carol said...

Well said Nev, thank you. x