Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Really worth a watch... says so much about canal life

I know I know I made some observations recently about  Blogging v's Vlogging but one of my favourite Vloggers have recently posted on their vlog about their 5 secret  (observations) for a successful narrowboat life.

It resonated with me, their advice and observations are spot on and well worth a viewing. So many think it is the perfect life but don't understand the compromises. I could not (at this stage of my life) accept all the compromises and I am lucky enough to be able to have alternatives. I did try it out  - not fully but two years afloat taught me a lot about my life and my boat.

I have massive respect for those that do live a life afloat - especially those cc'ers and those on line moorings with limited facilities such as my friends at hunts lock and new and old friends at Shebdon.

One thing that is critical is if you have a hankering  - go for it with your eyes wide open, regret is a difficult bedfellow.

I revisited one of my posts on a heavyweight life decision I took in June 2017  - early retirement and hopping off that hamster wheel of marketing/commercialism and 'normality blanket' never regretted it and so glad I did not wait as others have and still do. You may be reading this thinking smug git  - easy for him to say, but such decisions are in your control, even it its altering spending habits to achieve an early work exit, downsizing, if you want it enough  you will achieve it.

Here is the link to Rich and Fran's excellent vlog

Here is the link to my big decision post in June 2017 

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