Sunday, 21 April 2019

It’s a little known fact

....that boats travelling the four counties go faster clockwise. Well that is my observation from spending some quality time aboard Percy this Bank holiday. Of course there is a good reason for this, simply boaters approching us from the north hit the beginning of quite a few moored boats so are happy to drop never to tick over....however  by the time they reach us going north they have passed quite a few moored boats so have impatiently increased speed. Not a problem and to be honest I am an advocate for not slowing passed moored boats, I should say I do of course but I can imagine the working boaters did no such thing.

Anyhow that’s thought for the day before I start slabbing the little patio area we have here at Shebdon..... pics to follow.


Jim said...

In the days of the old working boaters there would have been very few moored boats for them to slow down for.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Jim, true and before motors the horses would just plod along.....